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PineThe Lauderdale County Forestry Association was first organized on October 18, 1988. This organizational meeting was promoted by the agricultural agencies of Lauderdale County and the Mississippi Forestry Association. This was a “milestone event” for the future of forestry in Lauderdale County.

The County Forestry Association wanted to serve as the “Voice of Forestry” in Lauderdale County. According to the by-laws that were soon adopted, the county association would conduct public affairs, communications and educational programs that would foster better forest management and utilization, as well as, understanding of and appreciation for the forests and the forest-based industries of Mississippi.

During the May 5, 1989 Board of Directors meeting, the following names were presented to be the first officers of the association:

  • President – Dr. Bill McKee,
  • Vice President – Charles Ledbetter,
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Daney Jackson.

The first Directors were:

  • District 1 – Nolan Payne,
  • District 2 – Betty Lacy,
  • District 3- Willie Greer,
  • District 4 – Gary Boone,
  • District 5 – J. Vance Grantham.

The first year membership was 50. Since the first few years our membership has grown to be near 400 with additional directors being added to serve the county better.
Over the years, the area landowners, foresters, loggers and the local mills have come to depend on each other to meet the need of the supply and demand of our natural resources while still maintaining a sustainable forest growth.

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