Welcome To LCFA!

Photo by Jason Goforth

The Lauderdale County Forestry Association was formed as a chapter of The Mississippi Forestry Association with the primary goal of being the “Voice of Forestry” in  Lauderdale County. We sponsor programs that foster better forest management, utilization and sustainability.  We want to help foresters, landowners and the general public come to a better understanding and appreciation for the forests around us as well as the forest-based industries of Mississippi.

LCFA promotes, develops and protects the forest and related resources in Mississippi for current and future generations. We are active in the promotion of forest products grown, manufactured and distributed in all markets around the world. We are politically active in Mississippi and the United States to encourage a business and governmental environment supportive of the long-range benefit of everyone.

LCFA works with associations, public agencies, universities and colleges to conduct continuing education programs to support forestry members and teach best practices for the management of timber in Mississippi.

You can contact us here, or if you’d like to learn how to join LCFA, click here.